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Hydrocare Water Purification Systems

Revolutionary Patented Water Purification Systems
Easy, High Purification, Consistent Water Pressure, Priced Right

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Limescale Filter System
Limescale filter lasts 3-5 years.
Prevent and Remove Limescale Buildup caused by hard water. No Salt, No Magnetic Coils, No Electricity, No Backwashing.
Iron 300X
Well Water
Removes iron, odors and sediment in well water without tanks, chemicals or electricity. Easy install, no backwashing or troublesome maintenance. Fresh clean healthy well water throughout the house.
Well Water
Clean, fresh well water with high flow rate, effective in a ph range of 5.0-9.0. Patented processes to remove iron (up to 20 ppm), manganese, sulfur smells, and gases. All components included for easy and inexpensive installation.
City Water
Compact whole house system with 4X purification capacity, with virtually no pressure loss. Removal of chlorine (99%), chemicals, heavy metals, and particulates for fresh clean water in every faucet. For homes with 1-3 bathrooms.
City Water
Large capacity whole house purification system for any size home with 4x purification capacity with virtually no pressure loss. Removal of chlorine (99%), chemicals, iron, heavy metals, cysts, and sediment for fresh, great tasting water from every faucet. Option for fluoride removal.
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